About CUP

The Children’s Upliftment Programme (CUP), which was born to this world, as a result of a thought of Dr. Nadee Dissanayake who strongly felt that she should make some worthy contribution towards the betterment of children in need together with few other close associates. This ultimately resulted in the formation of a dedicated team called “CUP TEAM”.

CUP was founded in May 2004 with the primary objective of building up the future of the younger generation of the country. Its scope is further narrowed down by targeting the community which suffered from poverty, lack of attention and guidance.

At the beginning CUP was registered as a charitable organization under the Companies Act No. 1982 and today it is a registered non profit making charity organization under the Ministry of Defence, Sri Lanka. (Reg.No:L-141111)

Our Belief


Education is the foundation, where people can begin to improve themselves and their communities.


All Children have the right to quality education regardless of their economic background.


Today's children are tomorrow's leaders and educating them will have a positive impact on their future and their community's future.


All Children have dreams and they desire to fulfill them.


Short Term

Conduct literacy programmes to enhance reading and writing interests and abilities and creating opportunities for participation, development and build the image of less fortunate children to become valuable and creative worthy citizens to the society irrespective of their creed, cast, religion and social standing.

Long Term

Making a change in the lives of less fortunate children to become valuable citizens to the society.


Why is there inadequate quality education in so many places?

Why most of the children do not like reading and writing?

Why children are not getting opportunities to perform their creative talents?

Why children are becoming robots?


Insufficient number of school buildings especially in remote areas.

Lack of awareness programmes of the importance of education

Lack of Qualified Teachers and their unwillingness to work in remote areas.

Uneducated parents unable to help educate their children.

Not enough libraries and reading facilities for children

Families unable to afford the cost of transportation and supplies necessary requirements to educate their children.

Insufficient programs to teach the value of education for both parents and children.

How you can help! – Three “T” Method


Becoming a member

Becoming a volunteer

Participating on the various events


Providing guidance or knowledge


Organizing fund raising programmes

Making awareness of this charity among your friends


CUP Team

Office Beares

Committee Members

M Maznavi

T Perimbaraj

Jagath Kariyakarawana

S Iqbal

Rasika Udugama

Letchuman Welu

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